Mazao Talks

Meet the Team

The contributors on the Mazao Talks Podcast have shared with us their experience in farming and agri-business


Sheila Kari

Sheila Kari is a digital nomad with keen interest in everything music, traveling, fashion and gastronomy. Her posts on social are a mix of humor, current affairs and culture with a strong inclination to youth empowerment. She creates content that’s inspirational and shareable, connecting with audiences that are young, hip and energetic.

Sheila is also a social butterfly and will be seen in more places than one enjoying great music and vibes. She one day hopes to use her platform to create opportunities for the youth because the future holds so much for them.

jason runo

Jason is a free spirit and self-styled media man at
large. Jason has experience in multiple industries from
aviation to media. His current work is in bee keeping,
work as a corporate MC and as the lead man in the hit improve live event BYSS. He brings his agri-business
knowledge to the podcast and will lead conversations
targeted towards current practitioners


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