Mazao Talks


In this episode, we travel all the way to Amukura Ward in Busia County to speak with Quinto Oputan who is part of a group of smallholder farmers who are farming chilies as a cash crop. We hear of the support from Busia County in brokering and managing agreements between aggregators and farmers.

We also debut a new voice in this podcast that of Doris who speaks to Eric Were a Plant Inspector from KEPHIS (Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service) . Eric Were shares with us best practices for farmers who are looking to play in the export market. He also talks about the pest issues that have affected the export of chilies and ways that this issue can be overcome.

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Photography By Kathomi Photography

Hosted by Jason Runo and Sheila Kari

Recorded by Doris Onyango

Creative Director Dan Aceda

Produced by SemaBOX


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