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MANGOES AND MORE: How to use horticulture to change lives.

In this episode, we speak to Mr. Maina Karuiru who is the National Coordinator of the MARKUP Kenya Project. We discuss the vision of MARKUP KENYA as well as the work that the program has undertaken in the 12 counties of Kenya where implementation is ongoing.

In addition, Mr. Karuiru discusses the key drivers of growth in mango farming that are fueling the stories of success in Makueni County. He also highlights the specific areas that can be improved in order to improve the outcomes and livelihoods for farmers.

This episode references the MARKUP Kenya study on the Mango value chain in Kenya that was conducted on Machakos, Makueni, and Embu Counties. More information about this study and the work that MARKUP Kenya is involved in is available at

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Photography By Kathomi Photography
Hosted by Jason Runo and Sheila Kari
Recorded by Doris Onyango
Creative Director Dan Aceda
Produced by SemaBOX

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